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Breaking Free: Detaching from Old Programs & Embracing Self-Leadership in a Time of Psychedelic Expansion

The talk I have at Stewards of the Sacred online summit

I am writing to share with you a heart-to-heart conversation from the recent "Stewards of the Sacred" event, which was an exploration of self-leadership, ritual, and purpose in our rapidly expanding psychedelic era. In this intimate dialogue with Natasja Pelgrom, I unfolded the pages of my own story, hoping to illuminate the path for others seeking healing and self-empowerment.

In our time together, I opened up about my own transformation. Once disconnected from my body and spirit, I used my personal struggle with trauma as a catalyst for growth. I've learned that healing requires the bravery to face ourselves and the dedication to embrace the slow, mindful practice of presence. It is in the stillness that we find the power of choice—the power to respond with wisdom rather than react from past programming.

A pivotal moment in my journey was the realization of the need for sobriety. Four days after letting go of alcohol, I experienced a spiritual awakening that taught me the profound impact substances can have on our spiritual and emotional well-being. My personal practices, including meditation and microdosing, served as gateways to deeper self-awareness and healing.

I also reflected on the collective shift we are experiencing. There is a burgeoning openness to discussing once-taboo topics like trauma, psychological programming, and ancestral patterns. This is a sign of the times—of our readiness to confront and heal the wounds that have long been buried within our collective psyche.

Here are some takeaways from our conversation that I hope will resonate and guide you:

The Essence of Choice: Recognizing that we have the ability to choose is a profound realization. It asks us to slow down and be fully present with what is, distinguishing between reactions based on past hurts and responses that align with our inner truth.

Sobriety as a Gateway: Sobriety opened the door to a deeper spiritual connection for me. It may not be the path for everyone, but it's worth exploring how substances might be holding you back from fully experiencing your spiritual potential.

Cultural Shift: There's a palpable change in how we approach mental health and spirituality. The growing willingness to address trauma and engage in healing conversations is a testament to our evolution toward a more compassionate society.

I invite you to join me in this collective journey of breaking free, cultivating a compassionate self-leadership that honors our sacredness, and embracing our soul's deepest callings.

"Only when compassion is present, will we allow ourselves to truly be seen."

With warmth and gratitude,
Stephanie Canavesio

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