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ReDiscover Your Inner Harmony: Join My 'Path to Wholeness' Online Circle

A heartfelt invitation to my online circle, accompanied by a meditation for self-reconnection.

Hello, dear friends,

I am so happy to extend a special invitation to you all. I'm launching an online circle titled "Path to Wholeness", a heartfelt journey I've been facilitating in Ibiza for the past three years, now accessible to you from the comfort of your home.

In our lives, the journey toward self-discovery and true connection is often interspersed with challenges, conflicts, and periods of stagnation. Yet, it's through these very experiences that we find a deeper connection with ourselves. In today's world, filled with uncertainty, many of us feel a sense of numbness, a loss of direction, and confusion. The antidote to these feelings lies within us, in discovering our inner connection.

I'm excited to offer this online circle as a space where we can meet weekly to share and explore various themes such as navigating emotions, finding safety within our bodies, practicing self-compassion, and learning to listen empathetically to others. Each of us has unique insights and experiences, and through sharing, we can resonate and learn from each other, fostering empathic witnessing and healing.

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In the second half of this video, I guide you through a practical meditation—a short five-minute practice to help you reconnect with yourself. It's a gentle process of attuning to your body, releasing tension, and fostering a sense of peace and presence. This practice is especially beneficial during overwhelming times, allowing you to slow down and deeply engage with your inner self.

For eight weeks, we'll gather online once a week, and each session will be recorded for your convenience. Our gatherings will begin with meditation, followed by open discussions around our themes, and a safe space for sharing, expressing, and listening. I'll be incorporating the principles of Compassionate Inquiry, as taught by Gabor Mate, alongside my own practices of presence and heart-centered awareness.

You will receive 8 sessions in a powerful group container for a fraction of the cost compared to individual sessions. Payment plans available.

“Path to Wholeness” Online Circle Agenda

Week 1: Establishing a Safe and Connected Environment

  • Focus: Exploring the meaning of personal and collective safety, understanding the body's natural responses to stress, and fostering initial group connections.

Week 2: Unveiling Your True Self

  • Focus: Distinguishing true self-expression from behavioral patterns, comprehending the nature of different emotional attachments, and setting personal limits.

Week 3: Navigating Triggers and Reactivity

  • Focus: Identifying and managing emotional triggers, uncovering their roots, and examining how deep-seated beliefs influence perception.

Week 4: Understanding Your Past and How It Affected You

  • Focus: Delving into past experiences, engaging with a trauma assessment tool, and recognizing the impact of familial and ancestral trauma.

Week 5: Fulfilling Your Own Needs

  • Focus: Recognizing unmet childhood needs, understanding the role of certain behaviors or dependencies, and identifying essential personal needs.

Week 6: Embracing All Aspects of Self with Compassion and Love

  • Focus: Accepting different aspects of the self, enhancing self-kindness, and exploring the roots of self-critique and feelings of inadequacy.

Week 7: Embodying Responsibility

  • Focus: Understanding personal accountability, examining the habit of blame, and exploring ingrained beliefs about oneself.

Week 8: Recognizing Inner Strengths and Spiritual Resources

  • Focus: Celebrating personal growth and accomplishments, discovering inner potential, and engaging in spiritual practices for holistic healing and growth.

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Online circle logistics

  • 24 Jan - 13 Mar 2024

  • each Wednesday 18:00 CET | 9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET

  • 8 LIVE classes with Stephanie Canavesio on Zoom, 90 minutes each

  • 24.01 + 31.01+ 7.02 + 14.02 + 21.02 + 28.02 + 6.03 + 13.03

  • Save the dates to your preferred Calendar

  • recordings will be available if you can’t participate live in any of the sessions

Your contribution:

  • €330 one time or

  • €165 in 2 monthly installments or

  • €110 in 3 monthly installments

Let me know in the comments of this newsletter if you need an additional Presence Embodied discount for being part of my community.

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I am looking forward to sharing this space with you. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our journey begins at the end of January, and I am eager to embark on this path of discovery and healing together.

Wishing you a day filled with joy and inner peace,

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